Zulkifli Othman

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  • Rohaida Husin, Syed Abdul Mutalib, +5 authors Mohd Faisal Saari
  • 2014
— This paper proposes energy efficient of automatic street lighting system based on low cost microcontroller. The main objective is to design energy efficient based controller for controlling the Light Emitting Diode (LED) based street lamp via appropriate lighting levels control. This system is consists of a microcontroller, light sensor, rain sensor,(More)
The effect of DNA sequence data minimization technique in converting eight bit DNA data to new two bits DNA data representation is presented. Memory complexity for the data minimization technique is compared and analyzed with existing DNA sequences data managing technique for determine the best solution for reducing the memory consumption for DNA sequences(More)
Ionosphere layer is an important medium in communication system. At this layer where the total electron content exist because of ionization by the Sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile the night side ionosphere electron content is reduced by chemical recombination. Maximum Total Electron Content (TEC) was detected at 0500 Local Time Clock (LTC) and(More)
— In IC design environment, the chip performance is influence by design environment, schematic and sizing parameter of the transistor. Therefore, this study is an attempt to investigate the performance of 4-bit Brent Kung Parallel Prefix Adder using Silvaco EDA Tools and targeted to 0.18um Silterra Technology. The objective of this project is to review the(More)
The project is about development of Optimal Sizing Software of Stand-alone Photovoltaic System at minimum cost. The software has the capabilities to optimize the PV configuration array and battery bank configuration array at lowest cost using Evolutionary Programming (EP) algorithm. This software also can calculate the system design cost, and the(More)
Solar electricity from Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) systems has experienced rapid growth as one the most important renewable energy technologies globally. However, due to the intermittent and fluctuating weather conditions throughout the day and year, it is often a challenge to model the output performance of a GCPV system. This paper presents a model(More)
This paper presents an Computational Intelligence (CI)-based algorithm for optimizing the configuration of a photovoltaic (PV) array of a grid-connected photovoltaic (GCPV) system using Genetic Algorithm (GA). GA had been used to determine the optimal number of PV modules per strings and the optimal number of parallel PV strings such that the technical(More)
This paper presents a Bat Algorithm (BA) for sizing optimization of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) system. BA was used to search for the optimal photovoltaic (PV) module and inverter from their respective databases such that the expected Specific Yield (SY) in kWh per kWp could be maximized. In addition, the sizing process also involves the dimensioning(More)
This paper describe the step down three phase ac/dc converter involving a simple topology of 6 ideal switches using MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation model. This project consists of two parts. First part is ac-to-dc converter and the second parts are consisting of buck converter. In this project use the fast control strategy of three phases ac/dc by pulse-width(More)
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