Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah

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There are large numbers of the optimization technique that have been used to optimize the thing in the field of computer science, transportation engineering, mechanical engineering, management and so on. But the traditional optimization techniques are replaced by nature inspired techniques. These technique involve directly or indirectly the participation of(More)
Off-grid settlements require efficient, reliable and cost-effective renewable energy as alternative to the power supplied by diesel generator. Techno-economic analysis is required to find the optimum renewable energy system in the long run. This paper reviews the application of genetic algorithms in optimization of hybrid system consisting of pico hydro(More)
Hybrid systems are dynamic systems that arise out of the interaction of continuous state dynamics and discrete state dynamics. Switched systems, which are a type of hybrid system, have been given much attention by control systems research over the past decade. Problems with the controllability, observability, converseability and stabilizability of switched(More)
Car cabin interior acoustical is one of the factors which may influence the flexibility of the driving. Basically the amount of discomfort depends to magnitude, frequency, direction and also the duration of exposed vibration in the cabin. Generally the vibration is caused by two main sources: engine transmission and interaction between tyre and road(More)
This paper introduces a weighted genetic algorithm (GA) based clustering method for datasets with differently scaled dimensions. Several types of synthetic two dimensional scatter data were clustered using the typical k-means clustering method. The weighted GA-based clustering method was developed to address the problem of clustering data with differently(More)
This paper presents the simulation of crush behavior for side members and bumper beam under axial and angular impact loading. Recent issues of automotive industry are to reduce weight and to improve occupant safety. Aluminum foam as a lightweight material was selected due to its excellent energy absortion capacity. Various parameters have been considered,(More)
The company's quality goals would be achieved by the successful implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques. SPC techniques are simple statistical techniques to help identify process problems and it can be implemented as simple as analyzing data and plotting charts.  This paper highlights the results of an effort to design the(More)
The purpose of this study is to propose a theoretical framework based on a balanced scorecard (BSC) for performance measurement in the water desalination supply chain (WDSC). The reason for choosing this context is that the supply chain (SC) of water desalination has received a great amount of attention, due to issues related to the increased need of fresh(More)