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A self-calibration of the Leica ScanStation C10 scanner
Similar to other surveying instruments, the observed data from terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) can be impaired with errors. Then, calibration routine is necessary for the TLS to ensure the quality ofExpand
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Precise Measurement and 3D Modeling for Medical and Industrial Applications: Verification Tests
SUMMARY In medical (e.g. craniofacial) and industrial (e.g. inspection) applications, precise data are crucial for 3D reconstruction of objects equivalent to their original specifications. In thisExpand
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Counting in the dark: Non-intrusive laser scanning for population counting and identifying roosting bats
Population surveys and species recognition for roosting bats are either based on capture, sight or optical-mechanical count methods. However, these methods are intrusive, are tedious and, at best,Expand
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Abstract. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used to acquire highly accurate data in deformation survey, whereby low-cost digital cameras are commonly used in the UAV mapping. Thus, cameraExpand
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Camera configuration for accurate craniofacial mapping using photomodeler scanner
PhotoModeler (Eos Systems, Inc. Canada) Scanner contains new capabilities in a module called Dense Surface Modeling (DSM). The DSM exploits photo pairs to generate massive number of 3D points, thusExpand
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Improvements to the accuracy of prototype ship models measurement method using terrestrial laser scanner
Accuracy is a crucial requirement in the shipbuilding industry, especially during the design stage. The existence of errors in 3D prototype models can cause huge discrepancies when projected toExpand
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Data of object surface for reverse engineering can be captured either from contact or noncontact method. Laser scanning (non-contact method) usually gives high accuracy of captured data, however itExpand
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3D documentation and preservation of historical monument using terrestrial laser scanning
The digital preservation of historical monuments using advanced 3D measurement technologies becomes a potential and efficient tool for mapping solution. In addition to traditional methods such asExpand
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3D Data Fusion Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)
Recognizing the various advantages offered by 3D new metric survey technologies for 3D modelling reconstruction, this study presents a method or procedure of complete 3D data acquisition, usingExpand
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Investigation of Systematic Errors for the Hybrid and Panoramic Scanners
The existence of terrestrial laser scanners (TLSs) with capability to provide dense three-dimensional (3D) data in short period of time has made it widely used for the many purposes such asExpand
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