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The fungus Glomerella cingulata damages a wide range of crops in the tropics and subtropics. This fungus produces an extracellular enzyme, cutinase, which has been implicated in the plant disease process. A cutin monomer, 16hydroxyhexadecanoic acid was used to induce cutinolytic esterase activity during saprophytic growth of G. cingulata. Cutinolytic(More)
From our recent publications, it was found that the deimmunization method (Dharshanan et al. (2012) Sci Res Essays 7:2288-2299) should be applied for the development of humanized anti-C2 monoclonal antibody (H1C2 mAb). However, the overlapping-PCR mutagenesis procedure used to insert the variable regions into cloning vectors was laborious and(More)
Many members of the AraC/XylS family transcription regulator have been proven to play a critical role in regulating bacterial virulence factors in response to environmental stress. By using the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) profile built from the alignment of a 99 amino acid conserved domain sequence of 273 AraC/XylS family transcription regulators, we detected(More)
Molecular archeology is a new frontier of ancient archeology. Studies involving molecular archeology can give extra information useful to interpret our past. Ancient DNA basically consists of small DNA fragments that survive for a very long period. This DNA can be used as a template to study molecular archeology. We were able to isolate ancient(More)
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