Zulkarnay Zakaria

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Direct analysis of the internal characteristics of process plant has become a widespread need in order to improve the design and operation of the equipment especially in liquid/gas two phase flows. The applications of tomography techniques as a robust non-invasive tool for direct analysis of the characteristics of multiphase flows have increased. One of the(More)
Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT), which is also known as Electromagnetic Tomography (EMT) or Mutual Inductance Tomography, is among the imaging modalities of interest to many researchers around the world. This noninvasive modality applies an electromagnetic field and is sensitive to all three passive electromagnetic properties of a material that are(More)
Anadara granosa (Ag) is a marine bivalve cockles which can be found in the tidal mudflats bordering the coastal region of many south East Asian countries particularly Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. This research is aim to investigate the potential of Malaysian cockle (Anadara Granosa) shell to be used as bone substitute material. Therefore, in this study(More)
Computed Tomography (CT) is among the most current technique applied in medical imaging. Base on this reason CT courses has been introduced in most of the Biomédical Engineering especially in electronic based program in many universities in the world including Malaysia. CT involves several steps in producing real time slices images of the scanned(More)
Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is a method used in oil and gas piping systems which has potential in medical gas piping inspection, cleaning and gauging tasks without interrupting the pipeline transportation process. MFL is a magnetic method of nondestructive testing that applies a magnet to magnetize the steel. At areas where there is corrosion or missing(More)
Conductive rubber material has been widely investigated as a sensor and transducer material due to its high piezoresistive, conductive properties. In this paper, we report on a flexible tactile sensor which is based on conductive rubber filled with carbon black. Firstly, a physical model related linear elasticity mechanics and franklinic analogue method is(More)
The aim of this study is to design a Fuzzy Expert System (FES) for diagnosis of hypertension risk for patients aged between 20's, 30's and 40's years and is divided into male and female gender. The input data is collected from a total of 10 people which consists of male and female with different working background. The parameters used as input for this(More)
The needs of accurate information from tomography images has led to the exploration of 3D imaging which attracts both medical field and industrial process as 3D imaging technique provides additional info compared to 2D. The same thing goes to Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) even 3D is still new to this modality. The challenge of 3D scheme to MIT is that(More)
Wireless sensor technologies are promising in the field of industrial tomography system, to visualize the cross-sectional images of an industrial flow process. The aim of the paper is to review the technical and scientific state of the art of wireless technologies, current trend of standards for wireless communications and their sensor applications in(More)
Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is among the current in-line non-invasive popular technique applied in pipeline condition control and monitoring. This paper discussed on the design and development of magnetic flux leakage capsule prototype which involve design, fabrication and analysis. This paper discussed three proposed design concept and had gone through(More)