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INTRODUCTION Giant cervical and mediastinal goiter may lead to acute respiratory failure caused by laryngotracheal compression and airway obstruction. Here, we present a case admitted to the emergency service with a giant goiter along with respiratory failure and poor general health status, which required urgent surgical intervention. PRESENTATION OF CASE(More)
INTRODUCTION Morphology of gallbladder varies considerably from person to person. We believe that one of the morphological variations of gallbladder is the "gallbladder angle". Gallbladder varies also in "angle", which, to the best of our knowledge, has never been investigated before. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of gallbladder(More)
Stump appendicitis is an acute inflammation of remnant appendix, a rare complication of incomplete appendectomy. It may present as acute abdomen with history of appendectomy, which may cause delay in diagnosis. Therefore, incomplete appendectomy should be considered as a differential diagnosis of acute abdomen in patients with medical history of(More)
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