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Theoretical and practical reviews of the Indonesian translated “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” novel
This paper investigates the results of translation of the English novel “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” into Indonesian. The Indonesian version of the novel was compared with the EnglishExpand
Kinship terminology in the Tamiang language: A Malay variety spoken in Eastern Aceh, Indonesia
This qualitative research examines kinship terms in the Tamiang language and the strategies of selection of the terms by its speakers. The data for this research were obtained through questionnaire,Expand
Enjoying Learning Writing through Facebook Group
This research showed the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students in Aceh who struggle in learning English writing as they had a lack of interest in it. This descriptive qualitative study aimedExpand
An Analysis of Word Formation Processes Found in Instagram
This thesis was conducted to focus on the word formation processes found in Instagram . Words also underwent some processes in their formation. The research method of this study was descriptiveExpand
Reduplication as a word-formation process in the Jamee Language: A variety of Minang spoken in South Aceh
One of the processes of word formation is reduplication which words or morphemes are repeated. This study focuses on reduplication in Jamee language. This descriptive qualitative study aims atExpand
Taboo Words in Devayan, a Language in Simeulu Island, Aceh Indonesia
The research on taboo words in Devayan has not been conducted yet, and thus, this study investigated the taboo words in Devayan society. This research was a descriptive qualitative study. TheExpand
First Language (L1) Use in the EFL Classroom: Perceptions of Students and Teachers
This study was aimed to find out the perceptions of teachers and of students about the use of their L1 ( Bahasa Indonesia ) in their EFL classroom in the teaching-learning processes. A quantitativeExpand
The Malay cartoons that air on Indonesian television channels are now popular among children in Indonesia. The shows Upin & Ipin, Boboboi, and Pada Zaman Dahulu are especially popular with AcehneseExpand
Teaching Reading by Using Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition
This experimental study was done with the third-semester, Grade 11, Accounting students at SMKN 3 in Lhokseumawe to investigate differences in reading comprehension learning ability between studentsExpand
The Use of Weblog in Improving Students’ Writing Skill
This research is aimed at finding out whether the use of weblog improves students’ writing skill at SMPN 9 Banda Aceh or not. The sample of this research was the second grade students in the class ofExpand