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Benzyltriethylammonium 2,2,2,4-tetrachloro-2,5-dihydro-1,2 lambda 5-oxa-tellurole
The geometry around the Te atom in the anion in C13H22N + C3H3Cl4OTe is distorted pseudo-octahedral with three Cl atoms and the O atom forming the equatorial plane, and the C atom lying opposite theExpand
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Preferred conformations in the solid state of some alpha-(p-phenylsulfinyl)-p-substituted acetophenones
Information on the geometrical structures of alpha-(p-phenylsulfinyl)-p-substituted acetophenones X-PhC(O)CH2S(O)Ph-Y [X = OMe, Y = H (1); X = NO2, Y = OMe (2); X = OMe, Y = NO2 (3); IUPAC names: (1)Expand
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Adducts of nickel(II) acetylacetonate chelating with heterocyclic bases: 3-cyanopyridine and 4-cyanopyridine
In both title compounds, (acetyl­acetonato-O,O′)­bis(3-cyano­pyridine-N)­nickel(II), (I), and (acetyl­acetonato-O,O′)­bis(4-cyanopyridine-N)­nickel(II), (II), both [Ni(C5­H7O2)2(C6H4N2)2], the NiIIExpand
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