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Call admission control and performance evaluation in wireless communication networks are essential for system design and operation. The network capacity and admissibility of imperfectly power-controlled multiservice code division multiple access (CDMA) system are studied in this paper. A generalized capacity formula considering traffic activity is derived,(More)
— Improving the efficiency of data dissemination algorithms and protocols to mobile sink remains as an interesting research and engineering issue, especial for large-scale wireless sensor network. As the node energy and resources are limited, theses protocols should meet energy-efficiency, low delay and high delivery ratio requirements. Although an(More)
—Due to the recent saturation of the traditional telecom markets, the vendors are shifting their focus on to the vertical markets, including but not limited to oil and mine industries. This paper is offering a solution for one of the key issues the mine industry is facing. When the accident happen under the mine, the first thing to do is to locate the(More)
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