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The presence of a unusual appearance of the stylohyoid and digastric muscles may lead to a confusion in some pathological cases, during the radiological examination and aesthetic facial surgery. These differences may cause pharyngeal pain and foreign body sensation in the throat. During the dissection, unusual insertions, origin, insertion, shape and(More)
The aberrant bundles' presence in the anterior belly of the digastric muscle is important in terms of causing asymmetry in the submental region, getting confused with some pathologic cases, radiologic examination, and aesthetic facial surgery. To provide data, aberrant bundles in the submental region were investigated in 30 cadaver heads. During the(More)
During dissection of the submental region, the anterior bellies of the right and left digastric muscles were found to have four separate insertions. Two median accessory digastric muscles were located medially to anterior bellies of the digastrics and inferiorly to the mylohyoid and deep in the platysma. The four accessory muscles of the anterior bellies of(More)
Uvod Individualni zubni status posljedica je dugogodišnjeg po-našanja i mišljenja o samoodržavanju zdravlja (1). Školo-vanje, socijalno-ekonomski status, socijalizacija, psihološki stres te kulturna i vjerska stajališta mogu utjecati na pona-šanje u vezi s oralnim zdravljem i statusom (2-5). Ispunja-vanje upitnika i pregledi danas su uobičajen način na koji(More)
The lateral pterygoid muscles (LPMs) function as a unit during precise mandibular positioning movements that occur during such activities as speech, singing, or playing musical instruments. The LPM has been the focus of an attempt to explain problems associated with the temporomandibular joint and anterior displacement of the meniscus of the joint. The aim(More)
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