Zuhaib Fayaz Bhat

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Introduction leading to concern about the quality and shelf life of meat and meat products. The antioxidants play a major The concept of functional foods was first come in role in checking the oxidation of fat as well reducing practice in 1980s in Japan for the foods comprising the harmful free radicals just protecting the cells from certain constituents(More)
The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of different levels of pumpkin on the quality characteristics of chicken sausages. The pumpkin was incorporated at three different levels viz. 6, 12 and 18 percent replacing lean meat in the formulation. The products were analyzed for various physicochemical and sensory attributes. pH, emulsion(More)
Membrane technology has revolutionized the dairy sector. Different types of membranes are used in the industry for various purposes like extending the shelf life of milk without exposure to heat treatment, standardization of the major components of milk for tailoring new products as well increasing yield and quality of the dairy products, and concentrating,(More)
The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of ambient storage on the quality attributes of aerobically packaged fish curls incorporated with optimum levels of different flours. The curls were developed by extrusion technology using fish meat (Catla catla). The fish curls containing optimum levels of different flours viz. 20 percent corn flour,(More)
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