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This paper investigates comprehensive operation and experimentation of an all-optical packet switching router with optical label swapping and reamplification and reshaping (2R) regeneration, capable of multihop operation and Internet protocol (IP)client interoperability. In particular, the experiment demonstrates successful packet switching and transport up(More)
This paper discusses multi-hop routing, all-optical label swapping operation of optical label switching routers that make real-time decisions based on the label and the forwarding table. The switching fabric conducts data regeneration and label rewriting. 2003 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: 060.4510 Optical communications, 060.4250 Networks
This paper discusses multi-hop operation of an optical-label switching system, demonstrating rapid alloptical packet switching with 2R regeneration for the data and optical label swapping for the label. Introduction Optical-label switching technology has the potential to provide low latency and transparency desired for the next generation Internet [1-2].(More)
Aggregation-induced emission luminogens (AIEgens) have become an emerging field since the concept of AIE was proposed in 2001. Recently, AIEgens have attracted considerable attention due to their abnormal non-emissive fluorescent behavior in solution but strongly emissive behavior in the aggregate state. By utilizing the inherent hydrophobicity, AIEgens can(More)
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