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Even with the significant focus on IP address lookup in the published literature as well as focus on this market by commercial semiconductor vendors, there is still a challenge for router architects to find solutions that simultaneously meet 3 criteria: scaling in terms of lookup speeds as well as table sizes, the ability to perform high speed updates, and(More)
Present day routers typically employ monolithic operating systems which are not easily upgradable and extensible. With the rapid rate of protocol development it is becoming increasingly important to dynamically upgrade router software in an incremental fashion. We have designed and implemented a high performance, modular, extended integrated services router(More)
We are building a very high performance 1.2 Gb/s ATM network interface chip called the APIC (ATM Port Interconnect Controller). In addition to borrowing useful ideas from a number of research and commercial prototypes, the APIC design embraces several innovative features, and integrates all of these pieces into a coherent whole. This paper describes some of(More)
We present the design of an ATM-based interconnect that serves as a high speed packet-switched equivalent of an I/O bus in a workstation/server. By effectively " extending " an external ATM network into the desk-area, the interconnect also functions as a high performance host-network interface. The prototype interconnect, which we are building as part of an(More)
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