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Monitoring the behavior of program execution at run-time is widely used to differentiate benign and malicious processes executing in the host computer. Most of the existing run-time malware detection methods use the information available in Windows Application Programming Interface (API) calls. The proposed malware detection system uses the Windows API call(More)
<i>The American Voter</i> - a seminal work in political science - uncovered the multifaceted nature of voting behavior which has been corroborated in electoral research for decades since. In this paper, we leverage <i>The American Voter</i> as an analysis framework in the realm of computational political science, employing the factors of <i>party,(More)
Given a spatial field and the traffic flow between neighboring locations, the early detection of gathering events (<scp>edge</scp>) problem aims to discover and localize a set of most likely gathering events. It is important for city planners to identify emerging gathering events that might cause public safety or sustainability concerns. However, it is(More)
Facial Expression Recognition has increasing importance in assisting human-computer interaction issues. This paper "Emotion Recognition Using Fuzzy Rule-Based System" proposes a fuzzy method for the facial emotions recognition on still images of the face. The technique involves extracting mathematical data from some special regions of the face. The(More)
Among various range finding methods stereo vision is worthy of notice since it needs no active media. However because of correspondence problem, the stereo vision has not been fully established as a computer vision system. In this paper we used fuzzy logic to bypass the correspondence problem in stereo vision for calculating the distances of objects.