Zubair Shafiq

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Monitoring the behavior of program execution at run-time is widely used to differentiate benign and malicious processes executing in the host computer. Most of the existing run-time malware detection methods use the information available in Windows Application Programming Interface (API) calls. The proposed malware detection system uses the Windows API call(More)
<i>The American Voter</i> - a seminal work in political science - uncovered the multifaceted nature of voting behavior which has been corroborated in electoral research for decades since. In this paper, we leverage <i>The American Voter</i> as an analysis framework in the realm of computational political science, employing the factors of <i>party,(More)
Given a spatial field and the traffic flow between neighboring locations, the early detection of gathering events (<scp>edge</scp>) problem aims to discover and localize a set of most likely gathering events. It is important for city planners to identify emerging gathering events that might cause public safety or sustainability concerns. However, it is(More)
The increasing popularity of adblockers has prompted online publishers to retaliate against adblock users by deploying anti-adblock scripts, which detect adblock users and bar them from accessing content unless they disable their adblocker. To circumvent antiadblockers, adblockers rely on manually curated anti-adblock filter lists for removing anti-adblock(More)
In this paper, we present an accurate and realtime PE-Miner framework that automatically extracts distinguishing features from portable executables (PE) to detect zero-day malware without any a priori knowledge about them. The distinguishing features are extracted using the structural information standardized by the Microsoft Windows operating system for(More)
The economic aspects of peering and transit interconnections between ISPs have been extensively studied in prior literature. Prior research primarily focuses on the economic issues associated with establishing peering and transit connectivity among ISPs to model interconnection strategies. Performance analysis, on the other hand, while understood(More)
Online social media plays an increasingly significant role in shaping the political discourse during elections worldwide. In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, political campaigns strategically designed candidacy announcements on Twitter to produce a significant increase in online social media attention. We use large-scale online social media(More)
Spammers use automated content spinning techniques to evade plagiarism detection by search engines. Text spinners help spammers in evading plagiarism detectors by automatically restructuring sentences and replacing words or phrases with their synonyms. Prior work on spun content detection relies on the knowledge about the dictionary used by the text(More)