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In this paper, we consider variational inequality problem over the product of sets which is equivalent to the problem of system of variational inequalities. These two problems are studied for single valued maps as well as for multivalued maps. New concept of pseudomonotonicity in the sense of Brézis is introduced to prove the existence of a solution of our(More)
Breast cancer is one of the prominent diseases for women in developed countries including India. It is the second most frequent cause of death in women. The identification of breast cancer patients for whom chemotherapy could prolong survival time is considered here as a data mining problem. We prescribe a procedure that uses support vector machines (SVMs)(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has emerged as the self organized wire less interconnection for the various applications in random topology. As most of the multimedia applications require strict QoS guarantee during the communication between a single source and multiple destinations. How ever, achieving reliable multicast transmission in MANET is crucial due(More)
Although intensive work has been done in the area of load balancing, the measure of success of load balancing is the net execution time achieved by applying the load balancing algorithms. This paper deals with the problem of load balancing conditions of parallel and distributed applications. Parallel and distributed computers have multiple-CPU architecture,(More)
Over the next ten years, air traffic management in the world will change dramatically, bringing both challenges and opportunities. The biggest of those challenges is the continuing rise in traffic volumes and will increase the movement of airbuses around the airport due to busy runways. This air traffic congestion will increase the running cost of flights(More)
Intrusion Detection System is used to detect suspicious activities is one form of defense. However, the sheer size of the network logs makes human log analysis intractable. Furthermore, traditional intrusion detection methods based on pattern matching techniques cannot cope with the need for faster speed to manually update those patterns. Anomaly detection(More)
CRM is a kind of implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with their customers. CRM involves the customer classification to understand the behavior of the customer. There is a vital role of the data mining techniques for the classification. This paper presents the concept of one of the data mining technique ART for the customer classification(More)
It is an important task to count the number of the objects in the image automatically. Because the objects in the image are sometimes overlapped with each other and even covered with different shaped objects, it is very difficult to detach these objects before counting them. Circular Hough transform has been used extensively to detect and count overlapped(More)