Zubair A. Khan

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Short-term electric load forecasting (STLF) is an essential tool for power generation planning, transmission dispatching, and day-to-day utility operations. A number of techniques are used and reported in the literature to build an accurate forecasting model. Out of them Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are proven most promising technique for STLF model(More)
OBJECTIVE Pulse pressure (PP), a strong predictor of cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes, is a composite measure affected by several hemodynamic factors. Little is known about the hemodynamic determinants of central PP in type 2 diabetes or whether abnormalities in central pulsatile hemodynamics are already present in individuals with impaired fasting(More)
Application areas of multi cluster grid are increases day by day because of the seamless and scalable access to wide-area distributed resources in grid environment. Multi cluster grid allows sharing, selection and aggregates of geographically resources over heterogeneous and distributed locations. But some issues arise in multi cluster grid due to its(More)
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