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The Double Star Project is a collaboration between Chinese and European space agencies, in which two Chinese magnetospheric research spacecraft, carrying Chi-nese and European instruments, have been launched into equatorial (on 29 December 2003) and polar (on 25 July 2004) orbits designed to enable complementary studies with the Cluster spacecraft. The two(More)
Cysteinyl leukotrienes (CysLTs) induce inflammatory responses by activating their receptors, CysLT1R and CysLT2R. We have reported that CysLT2R is involved in neuronal injury, astrocytosis, and microgliosis, and that intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of the selective CysLT2R antagonist HAMI 3379 protects against acute brain injury after focal(More)
Three hundred and fifty one cases of manic-depressive psychosis in our hospital were reviewed. Of these, 33 cases were rapid cyclothymic type (9.4%). Their clinical features, including sex, age, personality characteristics, phenomena and clinical types were analysed. The results suggested that: the major precipitating factors are psychosocial factors and(More)
It is widely accepted that motion and color are processed in separate brain areas of primates. Numerous studies on monkeys suggest that neural mechanisms responsible for motion processing respond faster than those for color. Recent studies on humans, however, provide contradictory evidence. Is this discrepancy due to a gap between species (animal vs.(More)
The decay psi(2S)-->K(0)(S)K(0)(L) is observed using psi(2S) data collected with the Beijing Spectrometer at the Beijing Electron-Positron Collider; the branching fraction is determined to be B(psi(2S)-->K(0)(S)K(0)(L))=(5.24+/-0.47+/-0.48)x10(-5). Compared with J/psi-->K(0)(S)K(0)(L), the psi(2S) branching fraction is enhanced relative to the prediction of(More)
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