Zsuzsanna Kulcsár

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The present study investigated whether schizophrenic patients could develop appropriate visual orientation and motor set under precuing conditions which contrasted attentional (input selective) and intentional (output selective) information. The aim was to evaluate perceptual performance in processing visuospatial information, and executive performance in(More)
This issue's Works in Progress department includes five submissions covering a variety of research topics. The first two projects are sensor network oriented: a Java MIDP-based sensor network platform that's being offered as an open source development environment and a platform for monitoring and controlling distributed power generation systems. The third(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of a simulation-based program on the initial performance of dural puncture by medical interns, and to refine the design of simulator-based teaching and competence assessment. DESIGN Prospective interventional study. SETTING Academic medical center. SUBJECTS 27 medical interns inexperienced in the technique of(More)
Traditional approaches of assessment in the medical domain are insufficient for evaluating trainees’ technical skills. Currently, many European medical training bodies are attempting to introduce competence-based training programmes for technical skills as well as other domains (e.g., communication, professional behaviour, clinical cognition). These efforts(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE This study examined attitudes and views held by stakeholders regarding their experience of training in spinal anaesthesia. The aim was to identify key factors related to learning and teaching processes which were perceived to influence the acquisition of competence in spinal anaesthesia. METHODS The study was carried out at a busy(More)
The association between the two genetic markers of affective disorders, ABO blood group system and platelet MAO (monoamine oxidase) activity was studied in 70 healthy young males. The platelet MAO activity of subjects with blood type O was significantly lower than that of subjects with blood type A and with blood types A + B AB + B together. This finding(More)
The authors describe a new approach towards assessing skills of medical trainees. Based on experiences from previous projects with (i) applying virtual environments for medical training and (ii) competence assessment and personalisation in technology enhanced learning environments, a system for personalised medical training with virtual environments is(More)
Paired associate learning performance and strategies were analyzed in terms of learning situations (training vs. 'contextual' and 'noncontextual' transfer), personality factors [Thrill and adventure seeking (TAS) and disinhibition (Dis)] and catecholamine enzyme activity [dopamine-beta-hydroxylase (DBH) and monoamine-oxydase (MAO)]. Performance was better(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Having identified key determinants of teaching and learning spinal anesthesia, it was necessary to characterize and render the haptic sensations (feeling of touch) associated with needle insertion in the lower back. The approach used is to match recreated sensations (eg, "pop" through skin or dura mater) with experts' perceptions(More)
In this essay we examine some phenomena of community rituals, especially healing ceremonials, which are considered neurobiologically mediated, complex forms of attachment. Recent studies in medical anthropology have pointed out that the ritual therapeutic experience relies on the patients' own healing processes by means of various altered states of(More)
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