Zsuzsanna Farkas

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Convergent extension driven by mediolateral intercalation of chondrocytes is a key process that contributes to skeletal growth and morphogenesis. While progress has been made in deciphering the molecular mechanism that underlies this process, the involvement of mechanical load exerted by muscle contraction in its regulation has not been studied. Using the(More)
Collagen IX (Col IX) is an important component of the cartilage extracellularmatrix and has been associated with degenerative cartilage disorders and chondrodysplasias in humans. Further, polymorphisms in Col IX are known risk factors for the development of early intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration. To understand the role of Col IX in the pathogenesis of(More)
The growth plate (GP) is a dynamic tissue driving bone elongation through chondrocyte proliferation, hypertrophy and matrix production. The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the major determinant of GP biomechanical properties and assumed to play a pivotal role for chondrocyte geometry and arrangement, thereby guiding proper growth plate morphogenesis and bone(More)
Aseptic loosening mediated by wear particle-induced osteolysis (PIO) remains the major cause of implant loosening in endoprosthetic surgery. The development of new vitamin E (α-tocopherol)-blended ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (VE-UHMWPE) with increased oxidation resistance and improved mechanical properties has raised hopes. Furthermore,(More)
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