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We have studied the complex equilibria of copper(II) with a series of beta-substituted beta-amino acids (R: H, Me, Et, iBu, iPr, cHex, 1-EtPr, and tBu) in aqueous solution by pH potentiometry and(More)
A two-dimensional simulation method has been developed for the interpretation of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra consisting of a multitude of strongly overlapping signal components. The(More)
The equilibria and solution structure of complexes formed between copper(II) and carcinine (beta-alanyl-histamine) at 2< or = pH< or =11.2 have been studied by EPR and NMR relaxation methods. Beside(More)
Copper(II) complexes of bis(aminomethyl)phosphinic acid (L1), bis(N-glycino-N-methyl)phosphinic acid (L2), bis(N-benzylglycino-N-methyl)phosphinic acid (L3), bis(l-prolino-N-methyl)phosphinic acid(More)
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