Zsolt Tóth

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—Agglutinative languages, such as Hungarian, use inflection to modify the meaning of words. Inflection is a string transformation which describe how can a word converted into its inflected form. The transformation can be described by a transformational string. The words can be classified by their transformational string, so inflection is considered as a(More)
In this paper we introduce a new technique for data-dependent triangulation which is suitable for implementation on a GPU. Our solution is based on a new parallel version of the well known Lawson's optimization process and is fully compatible with restrictions of the GPU hardware. We test and compare the quality of our solution in an image reconstruction(More)
We introduce a new concept for a geometrically based feature preserving reconstruction technique of n-dimensional scattered data. Our goal is to generate an n-dimensional triangulation, which preserves the high frequency regions via local topology changes. It is the generalization of a 2D reconstruction approach based on data-dependent triangulation and(More)
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