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Health awareness, motor performance and physical activity of female university students
Health awareness, motor performance and physical activity of female university students Study aim: To assess body composition, health awareness and cardiorespiratory fitness in female universityExpand
Specific Heart Rate Values of 10-12-Year-Old Physical Education Students during Physical Activity
IntroductionIn the last few decades there has been an observable decrease in physical activity and, with that, an increased level of sedentariness among children (Doak et al., 2006). Contributing toExpand
Critical comparison of evaluation methods of potentiometric titration data using a microcomputer-controlled automatic potentiometric titration system
A microcomputer-controlled automatic potentiometric titrator withμP controlled intelligent auto-sampler with Gauss-Newton-Marquardt method for serial analysis and a comparison was made between the methods. Expand
Longitudinal differences and trends in body fat and running endurance in Hungarian primary schoolboys.
The significant differences that developed in body weight, fat content and physical performance between the two samples during these 15 years are regarded as an indirect evidence for how severely the average physical condition had declined and how the health risks of the schoolchildren of the respective middle socio-economic strata had increased. Expand
Randomized controlled resistance training based physical activity trial for central European nursing home residing older adults.
Regular physical activity with discussions on health and quality of life made a more meaningful difference for the older adults living in nursing home than physical activity alone. Expand
Psychological and Anthropometric Characteristics of a Hungarian Elite Football Academy’s Players
Abstract Due to the fact that neither physical nor physiological and anthropometric differences in adolescents can serve as definitive differentiating factors in terms of choosing successful andExpand
The effects of a single dose of beta-alanine supplementation on the cardio-respiratory system of well-trained rowing athletes
In conclusion, a single dose of beta-alanine supplementation has no effect on performance and the use of short, intermittent diet therapy intervention is not recommended. Expand
Body composition and the level of fitness in 10 to 14-year-old girls in western Hungary: the impact of the new PE curriculum
Summary Study aim: Over the last two decades, the body fat mass has been increasing and the level of physical fitness has been decreasing in school-aged children. Due to the health-related concernsExpand
Novel type moat (recessed band) microelectrode Description and theoretical optimization
Abstract A novel microelectrode geometry applicable in flow analysis and as a HPLC detector is reported. This geometry is a moat, in which a microband electrode is placed at the bottom. OptimalExpand