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14Gábor Juhász
12Katalin A Kékesi
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Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are known to be activated in the brain by epileptic seizures and elevated MMP-9 activity has been found in a genetic model of generalized absence epilepsy (Wistar Albino Glaxo Rijswijk/WAG/Rij rats). In this study we posed the question, whether MMP inhibitory dose of doxycycline (20mg/kg) could affect the(More)
In recent years, middleware industry, and particularly the CORBA project, have strongly integrated several aspects derived from databases: persistence, transaction management, security, etc. However, there still is a conceptual " impedance mismatch " between the CORBA concepts and the concepts used in connection with databases (often referred to as a(More)
Peripheral lipopolysaccharide (LPS) injection enhances spike-wave discharges (SWDs) in the genetic rat model of absence epilepsy (Wistar Albino Glaxo/Rijswijk rats: WAG/Rij rats) parallel with the peripheral proinflammatory cytokine responses. The effect of centrally administered LPS on the absence-like epileptic activity is not known, however despite the(More)
Nucleosides are neuromodulators that have a wide range of biological roles in the brain. In order to better understand the function of nucleosides in the human central nervous system (CNS), we constructed a nucleoside map showing the concentration of various nucleosides and their metabolites using post mortem samples from 61 human brain areas and 4 spinal(More)