Zsolt Hörcsik

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We investigated the effect of chromium (20–40 g m−3, 8–72 h) on the photosystem 2 (PS2) activities of Chlorella pyrenoidosa cells. By using chlorophyll fluorescence transients, thermoluminescence, oxygen polarography, and Western blot analysis for D1 protein we found that inhibition of PS2 can be accounted for by the enhanced photodestruction of the(More)
The effects of Cr(VI) were investigated on the growth rate, element, photosynthetic pigment and amino acid composition of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Cr(VI) is toxic to Chlorella pyrenoidosa. The influence of chromium on cell density and cell number followed very similar trends, indicating that these growth responses might be correlated. The EC50 value for(More)
Energization of thylakoid membranes brings about the acidification of the lumenal aqueous phase, which activates important regulatory mechanisms. Earlier Jajoo and coworkers (2014 FEBS Lett. 588:970) have shown that low pH in isolated plant thylakoid membranes induces changes in the excitation energy distribution between the two photosystems. In order to(More)
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