Zsolt Gáspár

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A connection is made between 1) the observed structures of virus capsids whose capsomers are all pentamers and 2) the mathematical problem of determination of the largest size of a given number of equal regular spherical pentagons that can be packed on the surface of the unit sphere without overlapping. It is found that papillomaviruses provide the(More)
Lentigo maligna (LM) is the in situ phase of lentigo maligna melanoma (LMM) and, if left untreated, 30-50% of cases will progress to LMM, which is now thought to behave as aggressively as any other melanoma. Literature on the of treatment of LM including conventional surgery, micrographic Mohs surgery, cryosurgery, radiotherapy, electrodesiccation and(More)
Pemphigus is an autoimmune blistering disease with high mortality if untreated. The cases of 10 patients who had minocycline 100 mg daily added as adjuvant therapy are reported. Prior to the use of minocycline, all patients had active disease, nine were on prednisolone (10-40 mg) and five were on azathioprine (100-200 mg). The response was assessed on(More)
Dimethylether/propane is an organic substance used as a refrigerant in a new cryodelivery system marketed for the treatment of warts. The objective was first to determine the temperatures achieved by this delivery system, both at the end of the applicator and in the tissues and, second, to compare with liquid nitrogen delivered via standard cryospray(More)
Cicatricial pemphigoid is a rare autoimmune blistering disease with laryngeal involvement in only 8% of cases. We report the case of a 68-year-old woman with vitiligo, primary hypothyroidism and cicatricial pemphigoid with severe laryngeal involvement necessitating tracheostomy.
How must n equal circles of given radius r be placed so that they cover as great a part of the area of the unit circle as possible? In this Part II of a two-part paper, a conjectured solution of this problem for n = 5 is given for r varying from the maximum packing radius to the minimum covering radius. Results are obtained by applying a mechanical model(More)
How must n equal circles of given radius be placed so that they cover as great a part of the area of the unit circle as possible? To analyse this mathematical problem, mechanical models are introduced. A generalized tensegrity structure is associated with a maximum area configuration of the n circles, whose equilibrium configuration is determined(More)
The adsorption of small silica particles onto large sterically stabilized poly(2-vinylpyridine) [P2VP] latex particles in aqueous solution is assessed as a potential route to nanocomposite particles with a "core-shell" morphology. Geometric considerations allow the packing efficiency, P, to be related to the number of adsorbed silica particles per latex(More)
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