Zsolt Benkő

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The potential of cell-based therapies in diseases involving ischemia-reperfusion is greatly hampered by the excessive loss of administered cells in the harsh and oxidative environment where these cells are supposed to act. Therefore, we investigated if inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) in the(More)
BACKGROUND Spondylodiscitis is a rare inflammatory syndrome affecting intervertebral discs and adjacent vertebral bodies. Without appropriate therapy, serious complications, such as secondary spinal epidural abscess (SEA), may prolong recovery time. In this study, we compared the main characteristics of our cohort of patients with spondylodiscitis with(More)
Stem cell transplantation protocols are finding their way into clinical practice. Getting better results, making the protocols more robust, and finding new sources for implantable cells are the focus of recent research. Investigating the effectiveness of cell therapies is not an easy task and new tools are needed to investigate the mechanisms involved in(More)
Regenerative therapies hold a promising and exciting future for the cure of yet untreatable diseases, and mesenchymal stem cells are in the forefront of this approach. However, the relative efficacy and the mechanism of action of different types of mesenchymal stem cells are still incompletely understood. We aimed to evaluate the effects of human adipose-(More)
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