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Reconstructing hydrological variability from testate amoebae analysis in Carpathian peatlands
Peatlands offer the potential for high resolution records of water balance over Holocene timescales, yet this potential is under-exploited in many areas of the world. Within Europe, peatlands areExpand
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A 9-year record of stable isotope ratios of precipitation in Eastern Hungary: Implications on isotope hydrology and regional palaeoclimatology
Summary The stable isotopic composition of hydrogen and oxygen of precipitation from Debrecen, Eastern Hungary was analysed in event-based samples collected from the beginning of 2001 to the end ofExpand
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Diffusion of 3H, 99Tc, 125I, 36Cl and 85Sr in granite, concrete and bentonite
Understanding the characteristics of diffusion is essential in the assessment of radionuclide release through the backfill of waste repository. The diffusion behavior of 3H, 99Tc, 125I, 36Cl and 85SrExpand
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Current radioactivity content of wild edible mushrooms: A candidate for an environmental reference material
The paper presents the results of radiological investigation of several mushroom samples collected in the fall of 2004 in different parts of Europe. The work was performed in order to supportExpand
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Metal Container Instead of Glass Bulb in Tritium Measurement by Helium-3 Ingrowth Method
ABSTRACT The performance of a mass spectrometric system for measurement of tritium by 3He ingrowth method is described. Preparation and measurement includes three steps. The first step is to pump theExpand
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In vivo iontophoretic delivery of calcium ions through guinea pig skin enhanced by direct and pulsating current
Studies were initiated to investigate the effect of the delivery mode of45Ca ions through guinea pig skin in vivo. Direct current (DC), pulsating current (PC) and a Bernard current form, the “courtesExpand
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Detection of leakage of fuel elements by xenon isotope ratios in primary water of Paks NPP
By measuring the xenon isotope ratios in the primary circuit it is possible to detect the presence of inhermetic fuel rods in the reactor. Because high amounts of Xe and Kr isotopes are producedExpand
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A hydrochemical and isotopic case study around a near surface radioactive waste disposal
As part of the site characterisation program for the near surface radioactive waste treatment and disposal facility (RWTDF) at Püspökszilágy, Hungary, water quality and environmental isotopeExpand
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Application of a noble gas mass spectrometric system in environmental studies
Abstract In environmental research, the measurements and evaluation of the isotope ratios represent an important step in explanation of many processes. There are nuclear processes in the environmentExpand
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Dating of total soil organic matter used in kurgan studies
We investigated Csipo-halom, one of the kurgans that served as a burial place in the Hortobagy area of the Hungarian Great Plain. For pedological description and other studies of the protected moundExpand
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