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Tests were performed on the influence of polymer coating films on the rates and the extents of in vitro and in vivo liberation of theophylline from pellets. Uncoated and coated pellets were used in the experiments. The coating material was Eudragit L; The film thickness was varied. The in vivo liberation of theophylline was studied in rabbits. The serum(More)
The optimal suppository base for the formulation of rectal suppositories containing diuretic spironolactone was selected experimentally. Model studies were carried out about the effect of solubility-increasing additives on the release of the drug from the suppositories. During the in vitro examinations acceptor phases of different pH values were used, and(More)
The effect of amphetamine and chlorpromazine on the process of learning and the change in performance of acquired skills in rats was studied. Maze tests were camed out for 23 days and conditioned reflex tests for 37 days. Animals received 0.5 mg/kg/day of amphetamine or 0.5 mg/kg/day of chlorpromazine added to the drinking water. Further groups received(More)
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