Zsófia Kardos

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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), especially active disease, is associated with considerable changes in body composition, lipids, adipokines and insulin sensitivity. Metabolic changes, such as increased total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, occur even in preclinical RA. Active RA is associated with decreased lipid levels, BMI, fat and muscle(More)
Frontal areas are thought to be the coordinators of working memory processes by controlling other brain areas reflected by oscillatory activities like frontal-midline theta (4-7 Hz). With aging substantial changes can be observed in the frontal brain areas, presumably leading to age-associated changes in cortical correlates of cognitive functioning. The(More)
Representations in working memory (WM) are temporary, but can be refreshed for longer periods of time through maintenance mechanisms, thereby establishing their availability for subsequent memory tests. Frontal brain regions supporting WM maintenance operations undergo anatomical and functional changes with advancing age, leading to age related decline of(More)
Amniotic fluid samples were taken by transabdominal amniocentesis from 22 pregnant women in the 32-37th gestation weeks. Determination of lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio showed that in 20 cases the L/S ratio was 2 or less than 2. The patients were treated with i.m. Dexamethason in a total dose of 0,3 mg/kg body weight. Subsequently the L/S determination was(More)
In the period between 1973 and 1976, in order to prevent neonatal RDS, 24 insulin-dependent diabetic mothers were given Dexamethason before delivery. The treated group was compared with a control group comprising 26 women of the same gesational age, severity of diabetes and mode of delivery. Neonatal care was similar in both groups. In the group where(More)
The results of foam tests carried out on postnatal stomach contents from 267 neonates were analyzed to see whether a correlation can be found between the incidence of RDS and the foam-test values. The test proved to be a good indicator in the recognition of RDS. If ++, + positive, on negative foam-tests are obtained development of RDS can be expected in(More)
The authors used Dexamethasone before delivery in 577 cases of pregnancy. There were 460 prematurities. Occurrence of RDS was significantly lower in cases, where delivery took place more than 48 hours after the steroid treatment. Where the steroid effect was not optimum (48 hours), the RDS was similar to that of the control group, although mild in form. In(More)
During daily encounters, it is inevitable that people take risks. Investigating the sequential processing of risk hazards involve expectation formation about outcome contingencies. The present study aimed to explore risk behavior and its neural correlates in sequences of decision making, particularly in old age, which represents a critical period regarding(More)
The lecithin-sphingomyelin ratio was determined by the authors, applying Gluck's technique to 98 amniotic fluid samples of 55 pregnant patients with diabetes, depending on gestational age. Amniocentesis was preceded by ultrasonic placentography. Carbohydrate metabolism of this group was kept under optimum management and regulation. Its L/S ratio (3.1) was(More)