Zoya D Savtsova

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Infection of mice with A/Hong Kong/1/68 (H3N2) and A/PR8/34 (H0N1) influenza virus strains resulted in a significant inhibition of the formation of antibody-producing cells in response to administration of sheep erythrocytes and a reduced capacity of spleen cells to induce "graft-versus-host" reaction. The immunosuppression caused by influenza infection was(More)
The paper deals with the analysis of literary data on the tumor cell heterogeneity. Phenotypic, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of heterogeneity are considered. The heterogeneity of metastasis is considered too. The importance for the biology of populations of tumor cells and the sensitivity of tumors to therapeutic treatment are discussed.
It was shown in experiments of CC57W mice that cocarcinogenic activity of influenza A/PR8/34 virus correlates with acute or chronic pattern of infection. Prolonged persistence of the virus resulted in significant stimulation of the lung tumor incidence in infected mice. The prevention with thymosin of chronic influenza infection development in CC57W mice(More)
AIM To evaluate the influence of exogenous nitric oxides (NOx) on the antitumor resistance of rats, and to compare the activity of enzymes influencing the level of free radicals upon normal conditions and tumor growth. METHODS The growth kinetics of Guerin carcinoma (GC) was studied. NO inhalation was performed in special chamber for 16 h per day during 1(More)
In mice infected with influenza A2/Port Chalmers and B/Hong Kong viruses the formation of antibody-producing cells (APC) to the thymus-dependent antigen, sheep red blood cells (SRBC) was found to be inhibited much stronger than that to the thymus-independent antigen (polyvinylpyrrolidone K-90). Influenza A/PR-8/34 virus was approximately similarly active in(More)
In experiments on C57BL and CC57W mice the acute or chronic course of experimental influenza infection has been shown to correlate with the activity of immune cytolysis. At a low level of the cytolytic activity of T-lymphocytes the prolonged persistence of influenza virus develops. The stimulation of cell-mediated immunity with thymosin prevents the(More)
The antiradiation efficiency of low molecular thymic preparations (vilosen, thymogen) was determined. The therapeutic activity of thymic preparations is due to their influence on basic radiation injury syndromes (hemopoietic, gastrointestinal, immunodepressive). The protective mechanisms and perspectives of thymic preparations using in pathogenic therapy of(More)