Zouhir Mahani

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In this paper, we proposed an offline English handwriting character recognition system for isolated characters obtained by camera phone. Initially an adaptive thresholding method is used in order to overcome the problems usually encountered in image obtained by camera phone and leads the preservation of meaningful textual information. In a second phase, we(More)
In this paper we present a system for offline recognition cursive Arabic handwritten text based on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). The system is analytical without explicit segmentation used embedded training to perform and enhance the character models. Extraction features preceded by baseline estimation are statistical and geometric to integrate both the(More)
Offline handwriting recognition has become lately a very popular research area and the number of its possible application is very large. Most recognition system are based on modeling characters to recognize, then the concatenation of these models to recognize a word, while modeling character allows deformations related to its context. This paper provides a(More)
The first purpose of this paper is to investigate time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations in Lipschitz and multiply connected cavities of R. We prove the wellposedness of the current source problem by means of a new formulation. Our starting point is the curl second order equation satisfied by the magnetic field. The use of an appropriate compact operator is at(More)
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