Zouheir Trabelsi

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Hierarchical routing techniques have long been known to increase network scalability by constructing a virtual backbone. Even though MANETs have no physical backbone, a virtual backbone can be constructed by finding a connected dominating set (CDS) in the network graph. Many centralized as well as distributed algorithms have been designed to find a CDS in a(More)
Switched Network Sniffers Detection Technique Based on IP Packet Routing Zouheir Trabelsi To cite this article: Zouheir Trabelsi (2005) Switched Network Sniffers Detection Technique Based on IP Packet Routing, Information Systems Security, 14:4, 51-60, DOI: 10.1201/1086.1065898X/45528.14.4.20050901/90089.7 To link to this article:(More)
Intrusion detection is a mechanism used to detect various attacks on a wired or wireless network. Port scanning is one of the dangerous attacks that intrusion detection tries to detect. Snort, a famous network intrusion detection system (NIDS), detects a port scanning attack by combining and analyzing various traffic parameters. Because these parameters(More)
Firewalls are key components in network security architectures. A firewall controls the access into and from the network based on a set of predefined filtering rules. Hence, choosing well defined and coherent filtering rules becomes the important factor towards the effectiveness of firewalls. In this paper, we propose an approach for detecting and(More)
Covert channels are an immense cause of security concern because they can be used to pass malicious messages. The messages could be in form of computer virus, spy programs, terrorist messages, etc. Most available techniques proposed covert channels that use the upper layers of the OSI model. In this paper, we discuss a novel covert channel in the data link(More)
Nowadays, many academic institutions are including ethical hacking in their information security and Computer Science programs. Information security students need to experiment common ethical hacking techniques in order to be able to implement the appropriate security solutions. This will allow them to more efficiently protect the confidentiality,(More)
The genetic material that encodes the unique characteristics of each individual, such as gender, eye color, and other human features is the well-known Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). In this work, we introduce an anomaly intrusion detection system, built on the notion of a DNA sequence or gene, which is responsible for the normal network traffic patterns.(More)
Streaming data is one of the attention receiving sources for concept-evolution studies. When a new class occurs in the data stream it can be considered as a new concept and so the concept-evolution. One attractive problem occurring in the concept-evolution studies is the recurring classes from our previous study. In data streams, a class can disappear and(More)
In a Communication network, an advanced security system should include three security processes, namely a packet filter (Firewall), an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and a Covert Channels Detection System (CCDS). The Firewall filters the incoming and outgoing network traffic. The IDS detects and stops attacks, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.(More)