Zouhair Ibn Batouta

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New development methods have emerged in recent years. These techniques are based on models and software components, they aim to facilitate integration, automation, and generation of complex applications, as well as mapping between different platforms based on forward and reverse engineering. These approaches are based on Model Driven Engineering (MDE) which(More)
The new ways of learning and electronic communication with students offer many advantages that can be obtained through different solutions. Among them, the most widely used approach is the learning management system (LMS), which is the information technology (IT) of platforms whose purpose at supporting the learning process. There are several systems(More)
Automation and generation of complex solutions is a flowering field that is gaining ground day by day to this the need for a study to collect all the recent research development in this area. In fact, the research is very abundant in some point that research have not away or who are just redundant. The overall objective of this paper is to plot the(More)
NoSQL databases are an effective solution for storing and processing large data, but these databases are heterogeneous. They offer different data storage models, implementations and languages to developers and users. This wide variety of platforms makes it difficult data interoperability, data integration and even data migration from one system to another.(More)
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