Zoubir El-Hachemi

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Nanophases of J-aggregates of several achiral amphiphilic porphyrins, which have thin long acicular shapes (nanoribbons), show the immediate and reversible formation of a stationary mechano-chiral state in the solution by vortex stirring, as detected by their circular dichroic signals measured by 2-modulator generalized ellipsometry. The results suggest(More)
Hydrodynamic forces in stirred solutions induce chirality in some supramolecular species of J-aggregates, as detected at the level of the electronic transition. However, the mechanism that explains the phenomenon remains to be elucidated, although the basic effect of hydrodynamic gradients of the shear rate is most probably the folding or bending of the(More)
Experimental results show that benzil (1,2-diphenyl-1,2-ethanedione), an achiral compound that crystallizes as a racemic conglomerate, yields by solidification polycrystalline scalemic mixtures of high enantiomeric excesses. These results are related to those previously reported in this type of compounds on deracemizations of racemic mixtures of crystal(More)
The Soai reaction and the Viedma deracemization of racemic conglomerate crystal mixtures are experimental pieces of evidence of the ability of enantioselective autocatalytic coupled networks to yield absolute asymmetric synthesis. Thermodynamically open systems or systems with non-uniform energy distributions may lead to chiral final states and, in systems(More)
We analyze limited enantioselective (LES) autocatalysis in a temperature gradient and with internal flow/recycling of hot and cold material. Microreversibility forbids broken mirror symmetry for LES in the presence of a temperature gradient alone. This symmetry can be broken however when the auto-catalysis and limited enantioselective catalysis are each(More)
The model of limited enantioselectivity (LES) in closed systems, and under experimental conditions able to achieve chemical equilibrium, can give rise to neither spontaneous mirror symmetry breaking (SMSB) nor kinetic chiral amplifications. However, it has been recently shown that it is able to lead to SMSB, as a stationary final state, in thermodynamic(More)
Reports on spontaneous deracemization of crystal mixtures of achiral or racemizing compounds (Viedma deracemization) are arousing strong interest not only because of their potential applications but also for understanding spontaneous emergence of chirality in chemical scenarios. The systems that may undergo such deracemizations involve compounds that(More)
Phase-modulated ellipsometry of the J-aggregates of the title porphyrin shows that the material gives a true CD signal. This confirms that there is a real chiral transfer by mechanical forces, mediated by shear gradient flows, from the macroscopic to the electronic transition level. Dislocations in the structure of the aggregate could justify the formation(More)