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Water is a scarce natural resource around the world which can hamper the socio-economic development of many countries. The Mediterranean area, especially north Africa, is known for its semi-arid to arid climate, causing serious water supply problems. Treated wastewater (TWW) is being used as an alternative strategy for recycling wastewater. It is also a(More)
The morphogenetic responses to salt stress of Tunisian Populus alba clones were studied in order to promote their plantation in damaged saline areas. One year-old plants of three P. alba clones (MA-104, MA-195 and OG) were subjected to progressive salt stress by irrigation during two consecutive years. The plants were grown in a nursery, inside plastic(More)
The implementation of a management-protection program, using suitable cultivation practices, contributes to rehabilitating marginal areas prone to prolonged waterlogging and preserving biodiversity. Three hybrid poplar clones (‘I-488’, ‘Rimini’ and ‘D-64’) were tested to assess their degree of tolerance to waterlogging by imposing four water regimes over a(More)
Poplar, a fast-growing species widely used outside its original area of distribution, was evaluated in the present study to verify its tolerance and hardening to waterlogging in anticipation of its implementation in rehabilitation practices for marginal lands subjected to flooding. Three water regimes were applied to the plants, grown in pots, with two(More)
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