Zoubeida Messali

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Recommended by Douglas Williams This paper deals with the distributed constant false alarm rate (CFAR) radar detection of targets embedded in heavy-tailed Pear-son distributed clutter. In particular, we extend the results obtained for the cell averaging (CA), order statistics (OS), and censored mean level CMLD CFAR processors operating in positive(More)
This paper deals with distributed CA-CFAR detection in presence of Gaussian and non-Gaussian clutter. In Gaussian environment, we propose to apply a wavelet transform based on soft-thresholding in multisensor CA-CFAR systems employing parallel decision fusion in both homogeneous and non homogeneous background in the sense of the Neyman-Pearson (N-P) test.(More)
Image denoising is a very important step in cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) and the energy filtering TEM images before the 3D tomography reconstruction, as it addresses the problem of high noise in these images, that leads to a loss of the contained information. High noise levels contribute in particular to difficulties in the alignment(More)
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