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Specular reflections from environments cause uncertainties to ultrasonic sensor range data. In this paper, we examine the application of evidential method for data integration using the specially designed sensor model to overcome the problem. Dempster’s rule of combination is used to fuse the sensor data to obtain the map defined on a 2D evidence grid. The(More)
In this paper, the 3-D wavelet-fractal coding was used to compress the hyperspectral remote sensing image. The classical eight kinds of affine transformations in 2-D fractal image compression were generalized to nineteen for the 3-D fractal image compression. Hyperspectral image date cube was first translated by 3-D wavelet and then the 3-D fractal(More)
We propose and theoretically examine a novel mid-infrared (mid-IR) photothermal spectroscopic sensing technique capable of detecting a single small molecule. Our conceptual design attains such high sensitivity by leveraging dramatically amplified photothermal effects in an optical nanocavity doubly resonant at both mid-IR pump and near-IR probe wavelengths.(More)
Insects are not only the most species-rich group on Earth, they also play numerous crucial roles in ecosystem functioning and the global economy. The conservation of insect diversity is therefore a topic of global importance. However, insects are mostly ignored by “biodiversity” research; for example, relationships between insect diversity and vegetation or(More)
In order to achieve a high compression ratio on hyperspectrum image, in this paper, an algorithm about 3-D fractal coding is proposed. This algorithm is based on fractal theory and eight fork tree division. We expand the eight kinds of fractal transform to nineteen in the 3-D space, which improves the matching accuracy, and accelerate the encoding process(More)
One of the key tasks in Hardware-Software Co-design is to optimally allocate, assign, and schedule resources to achieve a good balance among performance, cost, power consumption, etc. So it’s a typical multi-objective optimization problem. In this paper, a Multi-objective Q-bit coding genetic algorithm (MoQGA) is proposed to solve HW-SW co-synthesis problem(More)
This paper focuses on the study of multi-person location and tracking in a complex scene created by 3ds max. To establish the complicated relationship between the 2D-image information that is obtained through the three-camera system and the 3D information of the target, an artificial neural network is proposed. In order to overcome the shortcomings of(More)
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