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Algorithm FDMSP (fast distributed mining of sequential patterns) is proposed in order to deal with mining sequential patterns in distributed environment and its properties are analyzed. The algorithm utilizes prefix-projected technique to divide the pattern searching space, utilizes polling site associated with prefix to get a global support, and utilizes(More)
The estrogenic chemical nonylphenol (NP) and the antiandrogenic agent di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) are regarded as widespread environmental endocrine disruptors (EDCs) which at high doses in some species of laboratory animals, such as mice and rats, have adverse effects on male reproduction and development. Given the ubiquitous coexistence of various classes(More)
Fc receptors for IgG are key players in regulating innate and adaptive immunity (1, 2). Fc ␥ RIIb, as the only inhibitory Fc receptor for IgG, plays a unique role in regulating immune responses. It is the only Fc receptor expressed on B cells, where it controls the magnitude and persistence of the response to antigen through eff ects on both mature and(More)
Mast cells reside in tissues, where upon activation through the high-affinity-IgE-receptor (FcepsilonRI) they degranulate and orchestrate the allergic reaction. Mast cells survive this activation and can thus be reactivated. In this study we demonstrate that this process depends on the pro-survival gene A1. Activation of mast cells through FcepsilonRI(More)
Mast cells are found in tissues throughout the body where they play important roles in the regulation of inflammatory responses. One characteristic feature of mast cells is their longevity. Although it is well established that mast cell survival is dependent on stem cell factor (SCF), it has not been described how this process is regulated. Herein, we(More)
The identification of diagnostic markers and therapeutic candidate genes in common diseases is complicated by the involvement of thousands of genes. We hypothesized that genes co-regulated with a key gene in allergy, IL13, would form a module that could help to identify candidate genes. We identified a T helper 2 (TH2) cell module by small interfering(More)
Mast cells are critical effector cells mediating immunoglobulin E (IgE)–dependent allergic responses. Binding of an allergen to IgE, already bound to its high-affinity receptor Fc⑀RI on mast cells, leads to aggregation and subsequent activation. This initiates signalling events that typically result in degranulation, changes in gene expression , and the(More)
Myofibroblast differentiation of lung resident mesenchymal stem cells (LR-MSC) plays an important role in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. By comparing the expression profiles of miRNAs before and after myofibroblast differentiation of LR-MSC, we identified miR-877-3p as a fibrosis-related miRNA. We found that miR-877-3p sequestration inhibited the(More)
To study the effect of growth inhibition and induction of apoptosis in sarcoma 180 cells by juglone in vivo. S<sub>180</sub> tumor-bearing mice were set up to investigate the effects of juglone on tumor growth inhibition and apoptosis. After HE staining, the pathomorphologic changes of tumor cells were observed by optical microscope. The ultrastructural(More)