Zou Peng

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— The previous studies have shown inconsistent relationship between the valence (positive or negative) of online consumer reviews and consumer decision making. With accessibility/diagnosticity theory, this study attempts to explain this discrepancy through exploring consumer expertise as a moderator. Our results from a 2 * 2 experiment design indicate that(More)
Two types of errors of "rejecting true and accepting false" are inevitable in customer value segmentation. The traditional data mining method which is on the total accuracy rate can not reflect the influence caused by the great difference of misclassification costs and unbalanced quantity distribution of customers who have various values. The thesis(More)
Model-Based diagnosis is an active branch of Artificial Intelligent. The method is a NP-Hard problem, resolving minimal hitting sets from minimal conflict sets. A compounded genetic and simulated annealing algorithm is put forward by mapping hitting sets problem to 0/1 integer programming problem. After providing the genetic simulated annealing (GSA)(More)
  • 求解 Tsp 问题的多级归约算法, Zou Peng, Zhou, Zhi, Chen Guo-Liang, Gu Jun +4 others
  • 2003
The TSP (traveling salesman problem) is one of the typical NP-hard problems in combinatorial optimization problem. The fast and effective approximate algorithms are needed to solve the large-scale problem in reasonable computing time. The known approximate algorithm can not give a good enough tour for the larger instance in reasonable time. So an algorithm(More)
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