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— The previous studies have shown inconsistent relationship between the valence (positive or negative) of online consumer reviews and consumer decision making. With accessibility/diagnosticity theory, this study attempts to explain this discrepancy through exploring consumer expertise as a moderator. Our results from a 2 * 2 experiment design indicate that(More)
The TSP (traveling salesman problem) is one of the typical NP-hard problems in combinatorial optimization problem. The fast and effective approximate algorithms are needed to solve the large-scale problem in reasonable computing time. The known approximate algorithm can not give a good enough tour for the larger instance in reasonable time. So an algorithm(More)
Model-Based diagnosis is an active branch of Artificial Intelligent. The method is a NP-Hard problem, resolving minimal hitting sets from minimal conflict sets. A compounded genetic and simulated annealing algorithm is put forward by mapping hitting sets problem to 0/1 integer programming problem. After providing the genetic simulated annealing (GSA)(More)
We propose the use of "event driven scheme" by "event driven reader" as a way of using RFID technology in warehouse management. The conventional way of using RFID technology in warehouse management is the "busy waiting scheme". The "busy waiting scheme" processes much unnecessary information to support warehouse management, so although it is easy, it is not(More)
To process aggregate queries in massive database application efficiently, semantic cache technology is extended in this paper, which is mostly used in small scale database applications at present. Firstly, a formal semantic cache model for aggregate queries is proposed. Based on this model, a semantic cache system called StarCache is built. The key(More)
Two types of errors of "rejecting true and accepting false" are inevitable in customer value segmentation. The traditional data mining method which is on the total accuracy rate can not reflect the influence caused by the great difference of misclassification costs and unbalanced quantity distribution of customers who have various values. The thesis(More)
Segmentations of customers gained in one area could not be used to predict customers' characteristics in other areas, because regional influences on customers were different. This paper proposed a self-organizing map framework to get regional segmentations of customers. In order to verify the validity of this framework, it was applied to the credit card(More)
Replication technology is one of the main technologies to improve the data availability, data access efficiency of the structured P2P networks. Though ARMS can choose the stable nodes, it also brings the problem that the replicas distribute imbalance. How to choose stable nodes and avoid one node save too many replicas? Basing on analyzing the disadvantage(More)
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