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In order to study the morphological characteristics and terminating patterns of the neurons of the trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus (Vme), 55 masseteric neurons in Vme in the rat were stained by intracellular injection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Labeled cells were distributed throughout the nucleus. These neurons were divided into three types: uni- or(More)
The degree of epitope density has been shown to be a critical factor influencing the magnitude of epitope-specific responses. However, whether high epitope density in just a single protein molecule can still enhance the humoral response or, more importantly, the protective immunity, has not been determined. To test this, five glutathione-S-transferase(More)
— The previous studies have shown inconsistent relationship between the valence (positive or negative) of online consumer reviews and consumer decision making. With accessibility/diagnosticity theory, this study attempts to explain this discrepancy through exploring consumer expertise as a moderator. Our results from a 2 * 2 experiment design indicate that(More)
Data stream has attracted many researchers from various communities (network, database and data mining). There are a variety of techniques for solving the similarity matching in time series datasets. However, subsequence matching over data stream, finding those subsequences which are similar to a query sequence in a progressive and real-time fashion, is a(More)
Model-Based diagnosis is an active branch of Artificial Intelligent. The method is a NP-Hard problem, resolving minimal hitting sets from minimal conflict sets. A compounded genetic and simulated annealing algorithm is put forward by mapping hitting sets problem to 0/1 integer programming problem. After providing the genetic simulated annealing (GSA)(More)
We propose the use of "event driven scheme" by "event driven reader" as a way of using RFID technology in warehouse management. The conventional way of using RFID technology in warehouse management is the "busy waiting scheme". The "busy waiting scheme" processes much unnecessary information to support warehouse management, so although it is easy, it is not(More)
Pseudorandom Sequences have been widely used in many areas such as telecommunication, cryptology, navigation and radar. m-sequence is one of desirable pseudorandom sequences. By utilizing the feedback functions of m-Sequences, a new method of constructing the feedback function of the nonlinear maximal length shift registers is presented. The feedback(More)
To process aggregate queries in massive database application efficiently, semantic cache technology is extended in this paper, which is mostly used in small scale database applications at present. Firstly, a formal semantic cache model for aggregate queries is proposed. Based on this model, a semantic cache system called StarCache is built. The key(More)