Zorniza Angelova

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The experimental immune oophoritis (EIO) model was used to study the functional relationship between the ovary and organs of the immune system. EIO was developed in Balb/c mice by twofold subcutaneous injection of saline ovarian extract in complete Freund's adjuvant. The ovary, thymus, and spleen were investigated histologically, histoautoradiographically,(More)
DNA sequences homologous to the maize Activator (Ac) element are widespread in plant genomes. Nowadays, several reports are available concerning the distribution and characterisation of Ac-homologous sequences in natural populations of different cereal species. but these mobile genetic elements still remain to be comprehensively characterised. In this(More)
An enriched factor VIII preparation was produced from cryoprecipitates by means of dextran. Cleaning was made in two phases: In the first phase the fibrinogen was precipitated and in the subsequent second phase the same was done with antihaemophilic globulin. By comparing the quantity and the degree of enrichment gained from the precipitation with dextran(More)
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