Zorigto B. Namsaraev

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Alkaline hydrotherms of the Baikal rift zone are unique systems to study the diversity of thermophilic bacteria. In this study, we present data on the phototrophic bacterial community of cyanobacterial mats from the alkaline Alla hot spring. Using a clonal analysis approach, this study evaluated the species diversity, the proportion of oxygenic and(More)
A review of modern works on the creation of biotechnological processes using cells immobilized on different carriers is presented. General material requirements are given for for immobilization mainly performed by absorption and mechanical fixation methods. The results of studies on cell immobilization are considered, and an analysis of the materials and(More)
According to paleontological data, large-scale, global glaciations occurred repeatedly over the history of Earth. Such glaciations unavoidably resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of habitats suitable for development of phototrophic microorganisms, which mostly require sunlight. Molecular data indicate that some groups of Antarctic phototrophic(More)
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