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Graphene has attracted much attention of scientific community due to its enormous potential in different fields, including medical sciences, agriculture, food safety, cancer research, and tissue engineering. The potential for widespread human exposure raises safety concerns about graphene and its derivatives, referred to as graphene family nanomaterials(More)
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY Thousands of workers are engaged in textile industry worldwide. Textile industry involves the use of different kinds of dyes which are known to possess carcinogenic properties. Solvents used in these industries are also associated with different health related hazards including cancer. In previous studies on textile and iron(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness and tolerability of misoprostol as a cervical ripening agent in first trimester abortion through three different routes of administration before surgical evacuation (SE). MATERIALS AND METHODS It was a hospital based prospective randomized open labeled parallel study. A total of 150 randomly selected married women(More)
Battery manufacturing workers are occupationally exposed to lead (Pb), which is a highly toxic heavy metal. The aim of this study was to investigate the blood lead levels (BLL) of 30 battery manufacturing workers and find the correlation between BLL, micronucleated cell (MNC) frequency, binucleated cell (BNC) frequency in buccal mucosal cells and(More)
Bile specimens were taken for culture from 100 patients who had disease originating in the biliary tract. Routine cases of chronic cholecystitis with cholelithiasis were found to have a low incidence of infected bile. An acute process appears to be needed in order to produce infected bile, and an acute obstruction of the bile duct due to gallstones produced(More)
Welding is an important process used in the iron based industries. About two percent of the working population is engaged in some type of welding. The procedure of welding is simple but its health implications are complex. Welding generates enormous amounts of gases and metal fumes. Depending on the substrate and welding type, the composition of resultant(More)
Welding is used extensively in different industries. Welders are always at a risk of exposure to a number of gases and metal-containing fumes in their respective microenvironments in which they work. Welding fumes consist of a wide range of complex metal oxide particles which can deposit in different parts of their bodies causing serious health problems. In(More)
Naively one might have expected an early division between phosphate monoesterases and diesterases of the alkaline phosphatase (AP) superfamily. On the contrary, prior results and our structural and biochemical analyses of phosphate monoesterase PafA, from Chryseobacterium meningosepticum, indicate similarities to a superfamily phosphate diesterase(More)
Nanomaterials including graphene and its derivatives have attained immense popularity among scientific community due to their unique properties. Graphene (G), graphene oxide (GO), reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and their nanocomposites have shown to possess enormous potential in the field of nanomedicines. Graphene family nanomaterials (GFNs) have extensively(More)