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In the Department of Surgery, Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka in cooperation with ENT Department and the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, fifty patients with the mouth and the throat tumor were operated since 1985. The defects were covered with free radial forearm flaps. In seven cases flap did not survived due to thrombosis of the anastomosis. The(More)
We consider a second order damped-vibrational system described by the equation M ¨ x + C(v) ˙ x + Kx = 0, where M, C(v), K are real, symmetric matrices of order n. We assume that the undamped eigenfrequencies (eigenvalues of (λ 2 M + K)x = 0) ω n−1 ≈ ω n. We present a formula which gives the solution of the corresponding phase space Lyapunov equation, which(More)
The solution to a general Sylvester equation AX −XB = GF * with a low rank right-hand side is analyzed quantitatively through Low-rank Alternating-Directional-Implicit method (LR-ADI) with exact shifts. New bounds and perturbation bounds on X are obtained. A distinguished feature of these bounds is that they reflect the interplay between the eigenvalue(More)