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In this paper we describe a design and implementation of an on-line scheduling algorithm for controller area network (CAN) messages that exploits properties of genetic algorithms (GA) to achieve global message throughput optimization. The use of GA-based scheduler has been found effective even in time-critical distributed control systems, such as the(More)
  • Nada GaliÊ, Marina KatunariÊ, Sanja ©egoviÊ, Jozo ©utalo, Zoran Stare, Ivica AniÊ
  • 2007
The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the electronic apex locator, Endometer ES-02 in measurement of root canal length in clinical practice. The Endometer ES-02 instrument uses impedance of high frequency electric current. The sample consisted of 631 teeth (328 single rooted, 70 bi-rooted and 250 tri-rooted teeth). After extirpation of the(More)
  • Procjena kliniËke, Nada GaliÊ, +4 authors Ivica AniÊ
  • 2007
KljuËne rijeËi: Endometar ES-02, apeksni foramen, duljina korijen-skoga kanala. na cementno-dentinskom spojiπtu (CDJ) (1). Zna se da se postupci odreivanja duljine korijenskoga ka-nala, prema naËelu mjerenja, dijele na digitalno-tak-tilne, radiografske i elektriËke postupke (1, 2). Upo-rabu elektronskih ureaja za mjerenje duljine kori-jenskih kanala (KK)(More)
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