Zoran Stajic

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BACKGROUND/AIM Preterm delivery is one of the most common complications in pregnancy, and it is the major cause (75-80%) of all neonatal deaths. Bacterial vaginosis predisposes to an increased risk of preterm delivery, premature rupture of membrane and miscarriage. In this syndrome normal vaginal lactobacilli, which produce protective H2O2, are reduced and(More)
Training set instance selection is an important preprocessing step in many machine learning problems, including time series prediction, and has to be considered in practice in order to increase the quality of the predictions and possibly reduce training time. Recently, the usage of mutual information (MI) has been proposed in regression tasks, mostly for(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of electrocardiogram in athletes as a routine screening method for diagnosing potentially dangerous cardiovascular diseases is still an issue of debate. According to the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology, the recording of electrocardiogram is necessary in all athletes as a screening method, whereas the guidelines of the(More)
In the deregulated energy market, the accuracy of load forecasting has a significant effect on the planning and operational decision making of utility companies. Electric load is a random non-stationary process influenced by a number of factors which make it difficult to model. To achieve better forecasting accuracy, a wide variety of models have been(More)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST NONE DECLARED. INTRODUCTION P-wave abnormalities on the resting electrocardiogram have been associated with cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. So far, "Gothic" P wave and verticalization of the frontal plane axis is related to lung disease, particularly obstructive lung disease. AIM We tested if inverted P wave in AVl as a lone(More)
This prospective, first-in-man, open-label multicenter study sought to assess the pharmacokinetics of sirolimus after Ultimaster drug-eluting stent implantation (coated with sirolimus and bioabsorbable co-polymer) in patients with de novo coronary artery disease (the TCD-10023 PK study). The primary endpoint was sirolimus concentration in peripheral whole(More)
Providing accurate load forecast to electric utility corporations is essential in order to reduce their operational costs and increase profits. Hence, training set selection is an important preprocessing step which has to be considered in practice in order to increase the accuracy of load forecasts. The usage of mutual information (MI) has been recently(More)
Risk became the crucial decision making criteria in evaluation of some control actions in power systems, but very often, these decisions are made in a highly uncertain environment. In this paper, a new graphical tool for risk assessment and decision making under uncertainty – hybrid influence diagram with fuzzy probability values and fuzzy random variables(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the fourth leading cause of mortality worldwide. It is defined as a persistent airflow limitation usually progressive and not fully reversible to treatment. The diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severity of disease is confirmed by spirometry. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(More)
INTRODUCTION Coronary procedures cannot be completed in 5-15% of cases through initially used radial artery approach due to frequent radial artery anomalies and vasospasm. In these cases, the ulnar artery approach could be the safe and effective alternative wrist approach. CASE REPORT A 60-year-old patient with stable angina pectoris, hypertension,(More)