Zoran Lj. Petrović

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This paper discribes an implementation of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the Internet for a large-scale customer as a service provider managed service. Furnishing a global corporation with turnkey solution for it's inter and intrabusiness communication needs delivered security, quality and cost efficiencies. The accompanied highly reliable(More)
This paper explores an Internet-based VPN solution, built upon IPSec, which combines tunneling with PKI authentication and encryption. To protect the valuable company resources, an efficient intrusion/misuse detection and response system was incorporated into deployed security solution. This approach enabled a large-scale customer provide their global(More)
Vladimir V. Vukadinović Internet is a transport infrastructure intended for applications with various service requirements. However, Internet remains to be a best-effort network without widely deployed mechanisms for service differentiation and quality of service (QoS) provisioning. Research efforts to provide service differentiation in the Internet have(More)
The kinetic theory of non-relativistic positrons in an idealized positron emission tomography PET environment is developed by solving the Boltzmann equation, allowing for coherent and incoherent elastic, inelastic, ionizing and annihilating collisions through positronium formation. An analytic expression is obtained for the positronium formation rate, as a(More)
– T/2 soft DFE is based on idea of transforming a classical DFE to a cascade of uncoupled linear devices. The crucial component of this cascade is a white filter, which supplies the linear T/2 FSE with uncorrelated samples. The adaptive whiting of input sequence is controlled by a stochastic gradient algorithm based on Joint Entropy Maximization (JEM-W)(More)
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