Zoran Golubicic

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Reconfigurable radio in Europe is rapidly gaining momentum and becoming a key enabler for realizing the vision of being optimally connected anywhere, anytime. At the center of this exciting technology is the reconfigurable terminal that will move across different radio access networks, adapting at every instant to an optimum mode of operation. This will(More)
The paper presents fully digitized approach for band-pass discrete coded radar signals. The emphasis is to use one generalized reconfigurable compressor for several different types of signals and different types of receivers. It fits for direct radio frequency receiver (RF) as well as for intermediate frequency (IF) receiver. The system implementation on(More)
In this paper, a system analysis of needs and possible application of DIRLS mismatched filter in portable surveillance radar PR-15 is presented. Transmitting pulses are binary phase intra-pulse modulated. Because of limited peak power, the usage of longer radar pulses is necessary in long distance mode of operation. Applied binary M sequences have(More)
This paper presents new digital multibeam former. Digital multibeam former is capable to synthesize few hundred of beams simultaneously. This concept permits antenna array receiver to receive signals in wide solid angle with the antenna gain corresponding antenna aperture. Target application of the multibeam antenna is the multistatic radar receiver.(More)
The paper presents results from the first SUITED (multi-segment System for broadband Ubiquitous access to InTErnet services and Demonstrator) demonstration campaign, focusing on the GMBS (Global Mobile Broadband System) terminal. A practical user mobility solution for a heterogeneous access network and a trial realisation is described. A new vehicular(More)
This document describes the specifications of the demonstrations to be performed in the project. 1/ Reconfigurable RF TX chain The proposed RF TX demonstrator hardware is based on commercially available components but at the same time it is near to the solution obtained during the analysis of the RF part of Scout terminal. 2/ Link adaptation on hardware(More)
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