Zoran Djuric

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There are a number of questions one might ask about security of money transactions on the Internet. A first question might be: "Why do we need to protect money transaction on the Internet?" The Internet is an insecure and unreliable communication medium - thus protection of sensitive data is needed. E-business systems inherently possess a higher degree of(More)
Web applications vulnerabilities allow attackers to perform malicious actions that range from gaining unauthorized account access to obtaining sensitive data. The number of web application vulnerabilities in last decade is growing constantly. Improper input validation and sanitization are reasons for most of them. The most important of these vulnerabilities(More)
In order to be considered secure, a payment system needs to address a number of security issues. Besides fundamental security requirements, like confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and non-repudiation, another important requirement for a secure payment system is fair exchange. Many existing payment protocols require that customers must pay for(More)
Snowden's whistleblower from the last year made people more aware of the fact that we are living in the Internet surveillance era. Privacy of Internet communication has been disrupted. In this paper, application for privacy protection in chat communication, named CryptoCloak, is presented. CryptoCloak provides privacy protection for chat communication.(More)
Number of instant messaging (chat) applications grows rapidly, not only in everyday communication of ordinary people, but in business correspondence. Consequently, security and privacy of these kinds of applications are very important. In this paper, CryptoCloak protocol for secure and private chat communication is introduced, together with the prototype IM(More)
Multimedia content distribution systems, in the first place OTT (Over-the-Top) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), have rapidly gained popularity with the widespread expansion of network availability. Although both types of systems employ IP networks to offer the same services, architecturally they are importantly different. There are several reasons(More)
Atomic force microscope (AFM) is a tool that allows micro and nano scale imaging of samples ranging from solid state physics to biology. AFM uses mechanical forces to sense the sample and recreate a topography image with high spatial resolution. The biggest disadvantage of the standard AFMs is their scanning speed, as it typically takes up to several tens(More)
One of the major issues in three-dimensional semiconductor processes simulation is the problem of moving interfaces. The standard approach involves very complex and often unstable mesh generation algorithms. Alternatively, we applied the level set method on fixed Cartesian meshes [1], where the meshing algorithms are not needed, and all differential(More)
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