Zongyuan Chen

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An inexpensive, hand-held, point-of-care, disposable, self-contained immunoassay cassette comprised of air pouches for pumping, a metering chamber, reagents storage chambers, a mixer, and a lateral flow strip was designed, constructed, and tested. The assay was carried out in a consecutive flow format. The detection was facilitated with up-converting(More)
A "lab-on-a-chip" system for detecting bacterial pathogens in oral fluid samples is described. The system comprises: (1) an oral fluid sample collector; (2) a disposable, plastic microfluidic cassette ("chip") for sample processing including immunochromatographic assay with a nitrocellulose lateral flow strip; (3) a platform that controls the cassette(More)
Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a disfiguring and deadly cancer. Despite advances in therapy, many patients continue to face a poor prognosis. Early detection is an important factor in determining the survival of patients with OSCC. No accurate, cost-efficient, and reproducible method exists to screen patients for OSCC. As a result, many patients are(More)
An easy to implement, thermally-actuated, noninvasive method for flow control in microfluidic devices is described. This technique takes advantage of the phase change of the working liquid itself-the freezing and melting of a portion of a liquid slug-to noninvasively close and open flow passages (referred to as a phase change valve). The valve was designed(More)
A prototype dual-path microfluidic device (Rheonix CARD) capable of performing simultaneously screening (antigen or antibody) and confirmatory (nucleic acid) detection of pathogens is described. The device fully integrates sample processing, antigen or antibody detection, and nucleic acid amplification and detection, demonstrating rapid and inexpensive(More)
OBJECTIVE We developed a microfluidic system to simultaneously detect host anti-HIV antibodies and viral RNA in the same specimen in order to satisfy two important diagnostic criteria, especially within resource-limited settings. First, the system can detect acute HIV infection and allow immediate confirmation of a seropositive screening result by detection(More)
A microfluidic system consisting of generic single use cartridges which interface with a workstation allows the automatic performance of all necessary sample preparation, PCR analysis and interpretation of multiplex PCR assays. The cartridges contain a DNA array with 20 different 16mer DNA "universal" probes immobilized at defined locations. PCR amplicons(More)
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