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Activated carbons chemically modified by concentrated H2SO4 for the adsorption of the pollutants from wastewater and the dibenzothiophene from fuel oils
The surface properties, porosities, and adsorption capacities of activated carbons (AC) are modified by the oxidation treatment using concentrated H2SO4 at temperatures 150−270 °C. The modified ACExpand
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Oxidative Desulfurization of Fuel Oils
Abstract Several attractive approaches toward oxidative desulfurization of fuel oils, such as using H 2 O 2 /organic acids, H 2 O 2 /heteropolyacid, H 2 O 2 /Ti-containing zeolites, and otherExpand
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Thermochemical CO2 splitting reaction with CexM1−xO2−δ (M = Ti4+, Sn4+, Hf4+, Zr4+, La3+, Y3+ and Sm3+) solid solutions
Abstract This study deals with doping of CeO 2 with different cations M (M = Ti 4+ , Sn 4+ , Hf 4+ , Zr 4+ , La 3+ , Y 3+ and Sm 3+ ) to improve the reaction activity in two step thermochemical CO 2Expand
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Catalytic oxidation of thiophene and its derivatives via dual activation for ultra-deep desulfurization of fuels
A catalyst system composed of tungstate and Bronsted acidic ionic liquids (BAILs) was found to be highly active for the oxidative desulfurization (ODS) removal of thiophene, benzothiophene (BT), andExpand
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Oxidation of dibenzothiophene catalyzed by [C8H17N(CH3)3]3H3V10O28 using molecular oxygen as oxidant.
An isopolyoxovanadate catalyst [C(8)H(17)N(CH(3))(3)](3)H(3)V(10)O(28) shows high catalytic activity in oxidation of dibenzothiophene (DBT) to its corresponding sulfone using molecular oxygen asExpand
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Deep desulfurization from fuel oil via selective oxidation using an amphiphilic peroxotungsten catalyst assembled in emulsion droplets
A recyclable amphiphilic catalyst, which composed of peroxotungsten anion and quaternary ammonium cation assembled in the interface of the emulsion droplets, shows high selectivity and activity inExpand
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The study of thiophene adsorption onto La(III)-exchanged zeolite NaY by FT-IR spectroscopy.
Zeolites NaY and LaNaY (ion-exchanged with aqueous lanthanum nitrate solution) were used as adsorbents for removing organic sulfur compounds from model gasoline solutions (without and with toluene)Expand
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Photocatalytic oxidation of thiophene on RuO2/SO42−-TiO2: Insights for cocatalyst and solid-acid
Abstract Thiophene is one of the main sulfur-containing compounds present in gasoline and difficult to be oxidized with the conventional oxidative processes. Photocatalytic oxidation is believed toExpand
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Thermochemical CO2 splitting reaction with supported LaxA1−xFeyB1−yO3 (A = Sr, Ce, B = Co, Mn; 0 ⩽ x, y ⩽ 1) perovskite oxides
An efficient redox material for two-step thermochemical CO2 splitting reaction requires high chemical yield at relatively low reduction temperature. Herein, the oxides with perovskite structure ofExpand
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